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Technology-Driven Process Control

EAP believes in excellence through technology. To achieve excellence in Product Quality, advanced technology tools are used at every stage of manufacturing – from the drawing board to final quality tests for finished products. The following depicts the different stages of production:


Utilizing in house facility for customized computer drawing and designing by specially trained engineers and designers on e-PLAN software, superior control is implemented over product design.

Procurement of Raw Materials:

The second step in production is the procurement of raw materials. The picture adjacent to this paragraph shows such raw materials to be used for product production.


The state-of-the-art fabrication shop with computer operated CNC machines is effectively used to achieve the high quality finishing of panels and to ensure hundred percent safety for our valued customer.

Ten Tank Process:

After fabrication and prior to powder coating is the Pre-Painting Treatment technically known as Ten Tank Process.

Powder Coating:

Using the Sheet Metal Pre-treatment 10 Tank Process smooth and clean metal is obtained, ready for powder coating. Painting / Powder coating is done in a completely dust free environment and treated in a controlled gas / electric heater bank chamber, in order to get perfect finishing.

Assembly unit:

Best quality electrical switchgear components from Schneider, GE, L & T, Siemens are used for our panels. We put three point locking system in all the door, fine air filters, forced ventilation to control.
The last and the most important of all stages is the Testing & Quality Control Stage. 
In this stage it is ensured that the product meet its standards before it is transported out into the market

Testing & Quality Control:

Stringent Quality control is observed for all products and equipments throughout the complete manufacturing process. Relevant and wide-ranging tests are carried out with modern equipments for finished items to ensure safety and superiority of the products. 


The Testing Laboratory is equipped with high-tech machines for meeting Industry norms-
Primary Current Injection Source 0-200/4000 Amps., (Temperature Rise Test Bench), Secondary Current Injection Kit, Digital Conductivity Meter for Alrnunium/Copper Busbar. DC/AC variable Voltage Bench, 5 KV/10KV/80KV H.V. Tester. Digital Paint Coat Gauge Elcometer, Polarity Tester, Mili Volt Test Drop Meter, Relay O/L Testing & Calibration Bench, Contactors/Coils Pick up Drop Out, mATest Bench, Chemical Lab for measurement of concentration of chemicals used in 10 tank sheet treatment process, Salt Spray test kit, Contacts Make Break Test Bench, Mechanical Endurance Test Bench. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO), Digital Resistance Measurement Meter, Test Benches for Switchgear & Coil testing, Meter Calibration Bench, Standard CT 1A/5A up to CL 0.1 Accuracy. Burden Box-1 A & 5A from 1.25VAto30VA, PTTesting Kit 63.5V/110VAC).